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Global News Agency Ruptly Relies on Riedel’s MediorNet and Artist on Board New OB and DSNG Vehicles


WUPPERTAL, Saksa - joulukuu 13, 2018 - Riedel’s MediorNet real-time media network and Artist digital matrix intercom are providing the decentralized and redundant signal routing and communications backbone on board two all-new, state-of-the-art OB vehicles for Ruptly, a Berlin-based international news agency. Qvest Media, a world-leading system architect and integrator for the broadcast and media industries, designed and built the new broadcast van and DSNG vehicle.

RuptlyXCHARXs new production vehicles feature an innovative and lightweight body design, developed by Qvest in close cooperation with partner Carrosserie Akkermans. Despite their compact dimensions, the two vans offer state-of-the-art equipment optimized for high-quality 4K and UHD productions — including live coverage of news, events, and sports, as well as cinematic-style documentaries.

XCHARXThe decentralized routing approach of RiedelXCHARXs MediorNet makes it ideal for the rigors of live broadcasting, and it delivers great cost savings for 4K and UHD productions. MediorNet not only reduces single points of failure, but also creates powerful operational efficiencies by allowing us to place physical I/Os closer to where theyXCHARXre needed. Then, integrated processing capabilities including embedding/de-embedding and up/down conversion reduce the need for single-purpose peripheral devices. These features result in significant weight savings that enable Qvest Media to exceed our expectations without exceeding the weight limit of 3.5 tons,XCHARX said Ahmet Cakan, Chief Technology Officer, Ruptly. XCHARXOur two new vans had their baptism by fire during a high-profile international football tournament in Russia, and the performance of MediorNet was more than satisfactory. We know we can count on MediorNet to deliver the perfect blend of high-quality output and reliability for even our most demanding live productions.XCHARX

Ruptly’s MediorNet network consists of five interconnected MicroN media distribution devices with four of them handling signal distribution and processing and one providing virtual multiviewer capabilities. With decentralized routing provided by MediorNet, all audio and video signals are distributed in real time between connected nodes in the OB truck, the DSNG van, and MediorNet Compact Pro stageboxes that can be placed wherever they are needed.

An Artist 32 digital matrix intercom mainframe enables robust and reliable crew communications for each vehicle. The Artist intercom supports four RSP-2318 SmartPanels and three Bolero wireless beltpacks, with intercom signals distributed by MediorNet. Operators, administrators, and crew now profit from enhanced workflows due to the seamless integration and perfect interplay of all panels and beltpacks.

“Versatility is a critical factor in the design of OB and DSNG vehicles. With Riedel’s MediorNet installation, we have once again shown how to achieve a high level of technical quality and versatility, with minimal space and with a competitive budget,” said Norman Tettenborn, Principal at Qvest Media. “This system required a particularly compact and efficient media and communications backbone. We knew these requirements could be met with Riedel Communications as their MediorNet offers redundancy, scalability, and a decentralized topography, making it the ideal solution for modular system design for live broadcasting.”

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About Ruptly
Ruptly is an award-winning global multimedia agency headquartered in Berlin, Germany. Launched in 2013, Ruptly provides real-time and archive visual news content to media brands worldwide, from large broadcast networks to online content providers. Ruptly offers readily edited video packages through video on demand, operational facilities through broadcast services, and direct access to global events via live streaming. From 360 videos of spacewalks to aerial views of current events by drones, Ruptly pushes the boundaries of video journalism using the latest in broadcast and newsgathering technology. The agency won the titles of XCHARXBest B2B News SiteXCHARX in 2017 and XCHARXCommercial Team of the YearXCHARX in 2018 from the prestigious Drum Online Media Awards.

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