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#NABShow 2019: Media Entertainment Technology Conferences and Sessions


#NABShow 2019 is packed with informative conferences and sessions were celebrated leaders are sure to share their unique experiences, specialized techniques, and solutions to problems. This is the place to refine your skills, and get inspired to power charge your profession.

Broadcast-tekniikan ja tietotekniikan konferenssi

This renowned program is designed for broadcast engineers and technicians, media technology managers, contract engineers, broadcast equipment manufacturers, distributors, engineering consultants and R&D engineers. Technical presentations consider pressing issues facing today’s media professionals, including the ongoing transition to IT and IP-based systems. An emphasis on next-generation systems throughout the media-delivery ecosystem provides the conference with a decidedly forward-looking focus.

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Business of Media:

This program presents the tools, trends and ideas to help your business thrive. Covering the media landscape across many delivery methods and platforms, this program targets radio and television ownership and station management executives, as well as leaders from digital, cable and satelliitti companies. Sessions drill down into legal, policy, advertising, sales and marketing, and business development. Propel your business to success in 2019! Note: Open to Conference Flex and Conference Flex Session 3-Pack holders.

Content Strategies:

This track brings together entertainment and program executives involved in the development, distribution sales, licensing, acquisition and growth of content across platforms. What is the opportunity for filmmakers, media service providers and manufacturers, travel brands, media companies and social influencers? Through a mix of keynotes, special presentations and panel discussions, this track addresses revenue strategies, challenges and opportunities specific to lucrative and growing vertical content markets including sports, travel and lifestyle, live events, esports and podcasting. Note: Open to Conference Flex and Conference Flex Session 3-Pack holders.

Creative Master Series:

Go behind the scenes with the creatives and crew responsible for today’s most innovative and popular feature films, TV series and OTT experiences. Learn how filmmakers and show runners designed game changing looks on set, elicited nuanced performances and choreographed complex shots. Hear how they applied the latest technologies to solve workflow challenges and understand how today’s content creators are reinventing storytelling for Twenty-First Century audiences. Note: Open to Conference Flex and Conference Flex Session 3-Pack holders.

Digital Future Exchange:

With a sharp focus on driving digital revenue for local media, this event brings digital officers, managers, general managers, and account managers together for an interactive discussion of digital trends and strategies for local markets. A diverse combination of bright minds and experts discuss how future technologies will impact local media and strategies for leveraging current opportunities.

Future of Cinema Conference:

In the 21st century, cinema is no longer confined to a theatrical setting. With consumers seeking content via myriad distribution outlets, creators are working hard to maintain artistic intent in an ever-evolving landscape. But should that be the highest priority? The Future of Cinema will explore this, and other thought-provoking questions as we examine the future of movie-making.

NXT Tech Symposium:

This program spotlights cutting edge developments reshaping the creation, distribution and consumption of entertainment content. Join thought leaders and catalysts from the entertainment, consumer electronics, technology, and service industries for an insider’s look into the emerging technologies disrupting everything from the creative process to business models and consumer behavior.

The Influencer Series:

Celebrities and Executive Leaders from sports, entertainment and media reveal their strategies for influencing the transition of their businesses or careers in a series of fireside conversations, TED-style talks and intimate panel discussions. This series promises to expand boundaries and explore innovations where entertainment content and technology are influencing media.

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Yritys NAB Show
NAB Show, joka pidettiin Las Vegasin 6th-11th, 2019-messuilla, on maailman suurin elektroninen media-ohjelma, joka kattaa sisällön luomisen, hallinnan ja toimituksen kaikilla alustoilla. 103,000-maiden 166-osanottajien ja 1,700 + -näyttelijöiden kanssa, NAB Show on digitaalisen median ja viihteen lopullinen markkinapaikka. Luovasta kulutukseen useilla alustoilla ja lukemattomilla kansallisuuksilla, 2019 #NABShow Asuu ratkaisuja, jotka ylittävät perinteisen lähetystoiminnan ja tarttuvat sisällön toimitukseen uusille näytöille uusilla tavoilla.

Tietoja NAB: stä
Kansallinen televisiolähetystoiminnan järjestö on Yhdysvaltojen lähetystoiminnan pääosasto. NAB edistää radio- ja televisio-etuja lainsäädännöllisissä, lainsäädännöllisissä ja julkisissa asioissa. Edistämisen, koulutuksen ja innovaation avulla NAB: n avulla lähetystoiminnan harjoittajat voivat parhaiten palvella yhteisöjään, vahvistaa yritystään ja hyödyntää uusia mahdollisuuksia digitaaliaikana. Lisätietoja saat osoitteesta

Broadcast Beat on 2019: n virallinen yleislähettäjä NAB Show Las Vegasissa ja tuottajana NAB Show ELÄÄ. 2018: ssä, NAB Show LIVE sai yli 1.3 miljoonan katsojan ja 2018in aikana NAB Show, Odotetaan ylittävän 1.5 miljoonan katsojan.

Matt Harchick
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Matt Harchick

Matthew on työskennellyt sekä yksityisellä sektorilla että korkeakoulussa yli kaksikymmentä vuotta. Hän on erikoistunut digitaalisen median projektinhallinnan, lähetystekniikan ja mediatuotannon aloihin. Matthewilla on laaja tietämys digitaalisesta jälkituotannosta, digitaalisesta omaisuudenhallinnasta, digitaalisen elokuvateoksen tuotannosta ja lähetystoiminnan integroinnista. Herra Harchick tutkii aktiivisesti uusinta digitaalista elokuvaa ja älykkäitä audiovisuaalisia tekniikoita asiakkaiden käyttöön ja on käytettävissä konsultointitarpeisiisi.

Matt ja hänen perheensä asuvat tällä hetkellä Washington DC: n metroalueella.
Matt Harchick
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